Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche

Concise, compact weekly

F.A.Z. Woche is a weekly magazine that spells out the relevant issues in politics, economics, culture, society, and science every Friday. It is unique in the German media market because ...

F.A.Z. Woche concisely selects the essentials
Aspects that are often neglected in today’s flood of information are categorization, selection, and in-depth treatment of events. F.A.Z. Woche offers just that: news presented as solidly as you’d expect, yet unexpectedly compact. It allows readers to understand what is relevant that week – and allows advertisers to become a part of it.

F.A.Z. Woche opens new perspectives for opinions  
The media brand Frankfurter Allgemeine creates an agenda for discussion with its excellent journalistic quality and credibility. F.A.Z. Woche is an integral part of that process: it offers background, analyses, and surprising perspectives allowing readers to form their own opinions. Brands can be successfully positioned in a credible environment.

F.A.Z. Woche has the attention of the young elite  
F.A.Z. Woche is highly popular with the young elite, a group of educated people with a high HHI and successful careers. Thanks to the magazine’s compact scope and focus on the essentials, 68 percent of readers say they read at least three quarters of an issue. Both content and advertising enjoy the undivided attention of a premium target group.

Basic information

Publication: weekly fridays

Copy price: 3.50 €

Circulation (net sales): 55,183 copies
(IVW III/2019)

Reach: 357,000 readers
(AWA 2019)

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