Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly

The premium magazine for the creative elite

Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly, or briefly: F.A.Q., is the progressive, visually striking magazine for a discerning audience that takes time out for longer articles and analyses in print media – provided they are of first-rate form and content.

F.A.Q. is the future
The future is a realm of immense possibilities and challenges, and the guiding theme of F.A.Q. The magazine lets the reader experience the world to come – its economy, fashion, culture, and technology, as well as lifestyle and current world events. F.A.Q.’s excellent journalism opens surprising perspectives – also as an environment for sophisticated brand advertising.

F.A.Q. is a magazine with depth
F.A.Q. combines attributes typical of F.A.Z. like analysis, clarity, depth, and respectability with sophistication, optimism, and sensuality to create a new, progressive, and visually striking medium. F.A.Q. is a magazine at the highest international level: the team includes the worldwide network of F.A.Z. correspondents, top photographers, designers, and fashion and lifestyle editors.

F.A.Q. is the magazine of the creative elite
Typical F.A.Q. readers are optimistic trailblazers, shrewd debaters, and communicative opinion leaders. They make up the creative elite: Quality-conscious, open-minded, and with many interests, this is a premium target group for successful campaigns.

Basic information

Frequency: four times/year

Copy price: 10.00 €

Print run: 75,000 copies

Advertising rate 1/1 page: 16,900 €

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