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Discerning, debate loving, multimedia. With the digital products of the Frankfurter Allgemeine, a top target group of opinion leaders and decision makers has access to the quality journalism of the F.A.Z. and F.A.S. - at any time and wherever they are. Frankfurter Allgemeine reaches the digital elite with a variety of products, online and mobile.

Frankfurter Allgemeine continuously develops innovative digital content, which makes it one of the digital leaders in the media market. For advertisers, the portfolio offers three major advantages:

Quality journalism in digital form
The question of whether information is conveyed in print or in digital form has long been irrelevant. What counts on all media channels is quality. Reliable information and analyses, intelligent commentary, and relevant debates – the Frankfurter Allgemeine presents all of them digitally in outstanding journalistic quality. 

Credibility in a diverse environment 
The Frankfurter Allgemeine has done what very few print media in this country have been able to do: to transfer the high standards and sterling reputation of the brand one to one into the digital world. Online and mobile, FAZ.NET, F.A.Z. Der Tag, the E-Papers in F.A.Z. Kiosk, and F.A.Z. PLUS are credible points of orientation in an opinion-saturated environment.

Premium target group 
In the battle for the attention of essential target groups, the media brand Frankfurter Allgemeine therefore clearly has the advantage: the elite rely on Frankfurter Allgemeine, in print as well as digitally. Advertisers can address the relevant multipliers by communicating via the digital portfolio.

FAZ.NET - Quality journalism for Opinion Leaders and Decision Makers

FAZ.NET provides quality global journalism, excellent commentary and precise background information in a way no other German daily newspaper can.

Detailed analysis, audio and video sequences, infographics as well as exclusive interviews and comment provide a unique insight into events and topics.

Advertisers can target opinion leaders and multipliers within a high quality environment, using impactful formats and unique integrations.

Performance data

Page Impressions: 130 million

Visits: 27.62 million

Unique Users: 4.93 million

Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-10; IVW 10-2017; publisher data 10-2017

F.A.Z. Kiosk - The newspaper for the tablet

In the app F.A.Z. Kiosk, the e-papers of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, including the F.A.Z. Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and F.A.Z. Woche are available in newspaper respectively magazine design.

The reader swipes through the pages and easily navigates to the different sections and articles. A number of tools such as the notepad are available for an optimized content handling and management. Readers can enjoy the excellent journalistic quality of the F.A.Z., the F.A.S., the F.A.Z. Woche and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine in a digital format.

The F.A.Z. Kiosk is used by decision-makers and multipliers who are prepared to pay for high-quality digital content. Well-educated, affluent and quality-conscious people who want in-depth information in a digital format.

Performance data

Page Impressions: 31.88 million

Sold copies: 664,832

Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-10; IVW 10-2017; publisher data 10-2017 - The mobile website

Available on all mobile devices. The typical users of are decision-makers, innovators and multipliers. They are affluent, well-educated and quality-conscious people who want to be up to speed whenever they are on the way.

Performance data

Page Impressions: 60.57 million

Visits: 28.67 million

Unique Mobile Users: 5.86 million

Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-10; IVW 10-2017; publisher data 10-2017

The FAZ.NET Smartphone App for iOS and Android

FAZ.NET is one of the leading news websites in the German speaking internet. With contributions from the print and online editorial teams of the F.A.Z. and a worldwide network of correspondents, the FAZ.NET Smartphone App offers up-to-the minute news from all fields as well as current, in-depth commentary and analysis.



Performance data

Page Impressions: 55.41 million

Visits: 5.86 million

Unique Mobile Users: 460,000

Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-10; IVW 10-2017; publisher data 10-2017

F.A.Z. PLUS: Digital newspaper and premium content at FAZ.NET

F.A.Z. PLUS presents all of the content of the printed F.A.Z. in a tablet and smart phone app. The content is prepared for the media of the digital world and enhanced though the addition of multimedia features. It is also available as a web edition and is linked to FAZ.NET daily. FAZ.NET users can read articles from the current F.A.Z. edition – though for a fee. The articles are marked with the red F.A.Z.-PLUS seal.

The digital newspaper is aimed at the same premium potential as the app innovation "F.A.Z. Der Tag". The two media complement one another perfectly with regard to content as well: "F.A.Z. Der Tag" reduces the up-to-the-minute news stream of the day to compact essentials; F.A.Z. PLUS as a digital newspaper deals in-depth with the important issues – after 8:00pm the night before. This makes the two digital services indispensable companions for the daily lives of premium target groups.

Performance data

Downloads: over 150,000

Source: publisher data 10-2017

Der Tag - The new F.A.Z. smartphone App for iOS and Android

Der Tag offers the most important news of the last 24 hours and the latest comments of the F.A.Z. editorial team on current events. It is compact, focusing on the most relevant topics of the day. Special features: Rich illustrations, an innovative and quick navigation, a push notification for outstanding news and an intelligent navigation which enables the user to identify the most important news of the day. Launch: 16 July 2015

Performance data

Downloads: over 520,000

Source: publisher data 10-2017



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